The NURTURED Shelving System

A complete ready-to-assemble modular shelving and storage system made from white woods. NURTURED Shelving System features unique metal-to-metal connections making the system strong and versatile. The array of components, the multiple configurations possible and the solutions they provide are virtually limitless.


It all starts here. The basic B1 unit provides the foundation for a flexible and dynamic shelving system. With strong metal-to-metal fasteners and varying shelf height, you can build your perfect storage solution. Dimensions: 36”H x 15”D x 33”W


The basic B1 unit can be easily arranged to side-by-side or stacked. Creating a sturdy stacked unit is as simple as inserting the supplied steel pin between the four vertical supports.

Packed and Ready

The basic B1 unit comes pre-packed with all necessary hardware and easy-to-assemble instructions.