The idea of Nurtured is simple and yet the impact is substantial. Create a purpose-driven company that takes a systems approach to address a combination of two complex, interwoven problems – the declining health of Western US forests and rangelands, and the diminished economic and social vitality of rural communities.

By creating and marketing high quality, innovative products, Community Forest Products seeks to fundamentally change the way we deal with the overcrowded, dying and unhealthy forests of the United States.

Small is BIG!

Community Forest Products thinks big by thinking small. This apparent dichotomy is highlighted in both the NURTURED product range and the design of the CFP business model. There is widespread agreement about the need for restoration thinning of crowded and unhealthy forests. Yet markets for this wood are immature at best. Our launch product is the NURTURED Shelving System, which is simply engineered using small, 1×4 wood components which can be easily sourced from small diameter trees harvested from forest restoration projects.